The Origins and Problems of Bureaucracy

Before it became so serious, bureaucracy actually started as a joke.

Photo of a brown wooden staircase by Ralfs Eglitis (2019).

History of Bureaucracy

Photo of an 18th-century painting of Friedrich Melchior Baron von Grimm from Wikimedia Commons.
Photo of four high-rise curtain wall buildings under white clouds and blue sky by Phillip Birmes (2018).

Cultural Processes Behind Bureaucracy

Photo of gray high-rise buildings by Essow (2018).

1. Identification

Photo of a UK driving license by Dom J (2016).

2. Standardisation

Photo of silver and gold steel pipe by Cottonbro (2020).
A white jigsaw puzzle Illustration by Pixabay (2016).

4. Stigmatisation

Photo of a black chess piece separated from red pawn chess pieces by Markus Spiske (2018).

5. Rationalisation

Photo of a white textile by gdtography (2018).

6. Evaluation

Photo of a scientist using a microscope by Chokniti Khongchum (2020).


“The truth will set you free — but first it will piss you off.” Gloria Steinem